Toyon Farm is a complete equestrian boarding and training facility situated in the vineyards of the Napa Valley’s Carneros region.

Founded in 1993, the farm’s goal has always been to complement our unique location and quality facilities with the best of care for horses whether for competition or pleasure. Our experienced staff makes every effort to see that boarders and their horses have a safe and pleasant experience on our farm.

The Bonavito family shares a great passion for animals. Robert Bonavito was intrigued by horses from a young age. His time spent mucking stalls in barns around the Bay Area in order to spend time with, and ride horses developed a passion to last a lifetime.

Being raised on a ranch in Danville, California allowed both daughters to spend their time growing up with animals. Both dogs and horses were considered close members of the family. Oldest daughter Natalia was the first to begin her equestrian endeavors. Starting with ponies and bareback riding, Natalia directed her focus on Dressage from a young age. Five years later, Danielle journeyed into the world of horses and a passion for Dressage.

From stick horses to warmbloods, the story begins.

Years later, the family came across the beautiful Toyon Farm in Napa, California. Each family member fell in love with the natural beauty and the peaceful environment the property provides for the horses.

Danielle and Sir Arnold

While Danielle aspires to train at top sport, Natalia enjoys spending her time leisurely trail riding through the vineyards.

Natalia and Flash

In addition to the equestrian activities, Toyon Farm is a working vineyard, growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes on 35 acres for several well known wineries. Click here to learn more about our vineyard.